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Insect Book

Insect Book

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Calling all budding entomologists!

Learn about insects with this fun and informational booklet. You'll find 40 pages chock-full of fun facts, games and general information about insects. It's sure to offer something to fascinate your little one!

The pocket-sized book (4.25" x 5.5") can go with you on outdoor adventures and help you identify different insects in the wild.

We've also included larger (8.5 x 11) versions of:
- games (scavenger hunt, crossword, word searches),
- insect logs, and
- nomenclature cards (4 per page).

Featured insects: butterfly, stick insect, moth, bee, fly, stink bug, grasshopper, firefly, ground beetle, cricket, praying mantis, cockroach, water strider, cicada, ladybird/ladybug, ant, dragonfly, wasp



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