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Let's help kids get outside to connect with nature. Let's help inspire their curiosity, foster their wonder, engage their creativity - all while encouraging them to learn more about the natural world around them. Check out our tools and resources to help to make this happen!

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tees & hoodies

Check out our line of tees and hoodies for all members of your outdoorsy family!

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tools to enhance the outdoor adventure

Get the Kids Outside wants to inspire and empower kids to be active outdoors and connnect with nature. The benefits are endless! Spending time outdoors is often effortless, but sometimes we could use new activity ideas or learning resources. Take a look around and see what we have to offer!

  • insect fun facts + games

    Do you know the strength of an ant? How far a cricket can jump? Learn all about these - and more - fun facts in our Insect Book, which also includes games and resources for learning all about these fascinating critters.

  • treasure hunts in nature

    Have your own treasure hunt outdoors with our nature scavenger hunts. From seasonal to build-your-own, they'll keep you entertained all year long.

  • nature loose parts for outdoor activity

    outdoor activity ideas

    Find numerous suggestions for kids' outdoor activities in our seasonal bundles. Keep them in your proverbial back pocket and be ready for your next adventure in nature!

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