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Collective Nouns Poster (Birds) - digital

Collective Nouns Poster (Birds) - digital

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This poster introduces your kids to birds from around the world, but with a twist! We've also included their collective nouns: a shimmer of hummingbirds, a stand of flamingo, a dropping of pigeons... The group names of birds are so interesting!

Although many birds have several different collective nouns that are used/acceptable, this poster chooses one term for each of the 15 different birds featured.

Birds included:
- finch, starling, cardinal, lark, swallow, eagle, puffin, hummingbird, sparrow, owl, flamingo, turtle dove, ostrich, peacock, pigeon 

Various sizes available, but custom size requests also welcome. 

This is a digital product. No physical item will be shipped.

Colors on screen may vary when printed.



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