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Collective Nouns Poster (Animals)

Collective Nouns Poster (Animals)

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COLLECTIVE NOUNS of the WILD - Animals and Birds - Poster

A shimmer of hummingbirds, and improbability of puffins, a rumpus of baboons, a ubiquity of sparrows... Increase your knowledge on collective names in the animal world. Based on James Lipton's "An Exaltation of Larks", this poster shows 67 different collective nouns for animals and birds.

It features:
- woodpeckers, raccoons, owls, sparrows, pigeons, pheasants, foxes, swallows, starlings, cardinals, squirrels, hummingbirds, beavers, ostrich, eagles, gnus, puffins, platypuses, penguins, leopards, toucans, goldfinches, bluejays, grouse, rodents, sharks, aarvarks, goats, monkeys, vultures, flamingo, mares, larks, starlings, partridge, coyotes, elk, mallards, apes, orangutans, swans, turkeys, cows, turtledoves, rams, fireflies, grasshoppers, boars, peacocks, puma, hawks, finches, cormorants, sandpipers, magpies, parrots, rooks, herons, storks, baboons, porcupines, hyenas, hippopotami, tigers, toads, giraffes, otters

sizes available for download:
8" x 10" JPEG
16" x 20" JPEG
18" x 24" JPEG
24" x 36" JPEG
(other formats/sizes may be available upon request)

A great option for a classroom poster, bedroom wall art, nursery art or poster in homeschool room.

This is a digital file. No physical product will be sent.
Please be aware that colors on screen may come out differently when printed.



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